SM Cinema set to open IMAX cinema in Cebu on July 9th



The IMAX theatre in Cebu will open today. The IMAX Theatre brings a new dimension to watching movies. According to SM Cinema website, the system uses IMAX technologies that when integrated together creates an experience that consistently puts the audience in the movie. SM Cebu is the SM chains 3rd IMAX theatre in the country. It is also rumoured that another will open at SM Davao by next year. Even with the economic downturn sales at SM cinemas still brought in P40 million. The fact IMAX can offer a different viewing can only enforce the enjoyment of going to a cinema rather than watching at home as the viewing technology is still unrivalled in a home system.

The new IMAX cinema will be around the same size as the other two screens with a seating capacity of 462. The actual cost of the system is still a closely guarded secret although I have had experience of one of these type of cinemas in the UK and they don’t come cheap as well as the film technology is more advanced and shows differently compared to normal theatres. If its the same system that was at the Millennium Point in Birmingham UK it involved running two films at the same time to create the graphical illusion. The equipment is temperature sensitive and highly expensive. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to recoup its costs in Cebu as the UK it was around £10 a ticket (P700) and it struggled to break even although the movies there “HAD” to be educational as it was partly government funded which was a thorn in the cinemas side. SM on the other hand is purely a commercial venture and a cinema I will no doubt be a regular visitor. There is also the implementation of adding vibrating chairs to the IMAX which is currently in discussion to give more of a feel to it. I have experienced similar when I was in Orlando Florida which worked great as well as air blowing at the back of your neck during spooky scenes.. all depends on how far SM want to take their ideas.

Starting today, IMAX Theatre will be open to the public and will be showing Avatar for a week until July 16 and will then show movies like Inception.
“Watch out for Harry Potter, Hubble and Tron which is expected to be out in January 2011.”
PRICE OF TICKETS :-  3D films shown in IMAX, one will pay P400 and P350 for 2D films.