SM Cebu, Ewe’s Day Out

 April and Ewe

Its funny watching Ewe develop as he seems to pickup things a bit too quickly sometimes. For example if he sees me grabbing my scooter helmet or keys he knows I am going out and wants to go. At the same time nice to be wanted even if its to be a driver!

Well today we headed into SM Mall Cebu to cut off one of our Smart Bro internet connections. There has been something odd happening with the Smart Bro lately and with the state of the connection (like now!) I am finding its going off at specific times of the day. Which not being a conspiracy theorist I do wonder if they are actually doing it on purpose to save money on bandwidth. Its 3am and there is only night owls like myself up but others are no doubt running Torrent downloads so switching hundreds of connections off in the middle of the night saves Smart money and your none the wiser.Ewe

UbeWell the first photo is Ewe on the bus which I can only describe him sitting still as picking up an eel  as he constantly wriggles. What we find a lot though is that we get people stare, first at Ewe then at me as there is an obsession with mixed race children here which for me seems odd as in other countries its for the opposite reasons. But is entertaining watching people watch us, but also Ewe seems to attract the ladies pretty much anywhere he goes a local celebrity without having his first birthday yet.

Smart was slow going as usual with the waiting and then about 30 minutes to process a bit of paperwork. Annoying to find out you were entitled to a free cell phone or P250 off a month for the last 2 years. Strange how they always tell you after you quit! (well they were also trying to use it to get use to continue the contract). April asked them if we were supposed to get discount or a free phone why weren’t we told? Smart’s response was simply “We put flyers out”. Anyone who knows Smart here would also know they can’t even manage to deliver bills on time we often get text telling us its overdue yet still no bill. Could be worse though as a friend of mine they moved his dates from the 1st of the month to the 18th. Sounds fine except its now a year later and they are still collecting the 1st and also the 18th leaving him paying two bills every month then calling them to tell them to give his money back as its on direct debit. Strange thing is I am anti bank in the UK for similar reasons as I used to have a problem with an insurance company as they would resubmit a direct debit form January 9th every year hoping to slip it past without me noticing. Call the bank they tell you its a company problem, call the company they tell you its a system error. Every January for 4 years is not a system error its one of those £19 a month people often don’t notice. If it was done in another way such as a collection at a door for a bill that didn’t exist no doubt it would get into the realms of fraud. But with the banks busy manipulating governments to suit themselves better off just using the banking system to its absolute minimum and we do.

Ewe and April Anyway after the hassles at Smart we headed off to a Thai restaurant we use regularly in SM the Krua Thai. Foods pretty good and the other good thing with Ewe is he will eat whatever your eating. Aprils busy searching the menu in the photo at the same point I am sure Ewe is looking at the photos thinking “FOOD!”.

We brought along some snack biscuits for Ewe which kept him busy while sorting out the other food. They also had this high chair at the restaurant which is a new one on me as most restaurants don’t have kid chairs.

Krua ThaiEwe and tea

Worth mentioning tea is complimentary which was a blessing today with this cold/flu type virus leaving my nose blocked a nice warm cup of tea with our meal made all the difference.


Krua Thai April and Ewe After filling up on Thai food time to head off to find something to take home for Aprils mother as a snack at the same time keep Ewe busy as he got pretty bored towards the end of dinner.


cheesecake icecream Ewe funny face Ewe funny face

We got an ice cream on the way out which to be honest was a bit pricey at P100 a cone at the same time tasted pretty good. Only issue is I didn’t like Aprils Cheese cake flavoured ice cream and April wasn’t keen on my Forest Berry ice cream. Ewe on the other hand although giving funny faces as if he didn’t like it was quite happy to have more.