Slot Wall Home Design System For The Philippines

Slot Wall house system

Prices around Cebu and other parts of the Philippines I find are out of control where you will see people paying a small fortune for an often badly constructed house with leaky pipes and sub standard concrete as well as electrics. Question is why hasn’t anyone started constructing with slot wall panels?

foam wall panels

You will find them all over the world as they are most commonly used for large freezers and chiller rooms completely constructed by the panels. They slot together on top of each other then you seal up the joints. The difference with this system though over concrete or even shipping container homes is the mobility factor. The largest panels I worked on myself were 60ft long for a large meat processing plant in Wales, quite literally 4 people could move the panel into place with a bit of help with a forklift for the height.

At the same time you find most Philippines homes are often all ground level so even the back of a truck is high enough in many cases to drop in panels. The other advantage with them is that they already come prefaced on the exterior but also can be done on the inside as well depending on requirements. A cheap solution to housing in the Philippines as well as something that isn’t going to crack with any ground movement. The guarantees on them for chillers or walk in freezers is pretty low at 12 years if your lucky at the same time your not running a home that suffers with a constant low temperate that causes condensation. But one thing is for sure if the design is right you will get a well insulated house as well as a modern finish to the exterior even if you decided to do stud partitions internal wise for electrics and plumbing.

I often look outside the box for housing solutions as I find many things are just pie in the sky figures here that often don’t make any sense. There are plenty of places providing metal roll roof sheets already in the Philippines and this is just taking it to the next level. Using the same technique for the roofs as well would obviously also give you a strongly insulated roof for that feature as well.