Sinulog – Water Precession

This was the first time we had been to the water precession. We arrived at the pier very early in the morning luckily we have  a pickup which gives not only a good viewing location but seats and a place to sit and drink a cup of tea and eat sandwiches. We went with Aprils parents who go every year to catch the arrival of St Nino as the boats ride past. I wasn’t sure what to expect when we went and a ship was docking and offloading nearby so was a bit concerned if it docked right in front of our pitch. We had moved right up next to the river to get a good view and last thing we needed was a ship stopping right in front. Luckily enough it docked further up and began offloading.

Yes there are a couple of people lying down at the front of the ship. Not sure why but they were waiting for the ship to dock before we even arrived which was over an hour earlier.

Although the precession was far from us there was a constant movement in the air helicopters were flying up and down the river and a single small plane was trying its best to circle the precession. It was a good morning it wasn’t too hot and plenty of people all waited patiently for the arrival of the precession to wave it on its way further up the river.

The main surprise was the sheer number of boats and ships that all appeared and all appeared pretty quick. They shot past a lot quicker than I had expected and a lot more ships than I thought there would be. It just goes to show how much of a major event this is for Cebu.