Sinulog This Sunday, Cebu, Philippines.


If you’re in Cebu you have probably already noticed that there is a huge amount of extra people already arrived and most hotels are either fully booked or will be by the time this article is written. Sinulog is upon us the biggest Festival in Cebu held every third Sunday in January as well as being in honour of Santo Nino (Jesus as a child) who also happens to be the patron saint of Cebu.

The festival is full of colour and dance, the dances are performed to the sound of drums and horns. Sinulog actually derives from the adverb “Like Water Current Movement”.

If your here on Sunday getting up early to head to Mandaue City wharf you will catch the colourful water parade as it happens. We will be going to this ourselves which means leaving the house at 5am to get a good view.

Be aware the streets will literally be filled with millions of people if you don’t like confined spaces be extra cautious as you may find yourself stuck in a huge crowd. Don’t take any extra money you wont need or equipment that could easily be stolen. Take plenty of water and most of all have a good time.

The precession itself has people from all over the islands and a great event to watch but as you wander around you will see many people with custom body tattoos and a lot of market stalls selling souvenirs which have everything from normal T-shirts to  more unique objects.

Also remember in the evening towards the end of the day Ayala have they’re firework display. Also getting Taxis after it can also take a lot of time so don’t expect to rush away. Last year it took us over 2 hoursto get a taxi.

If anyone gets some good photos can they please send them to me and ill add it to the next blog write up after Sinulog. As part of a photo blog of the Sinulog festival. Also there are several competitions running for good photos local newspapers as well as Sinulog foundation are all running different competitions so happy snapping.