Signage for an internet cafe – Philippines

1_234437240l This has to be one of the real blood lines to your business. Tim realised this with his to make it a point of large clear signage as can be seen here. Its illuminated at night and can be seen the full length of the street. Ideal for Jeepney passengers looking to go to a cafe on the route home from work. The signage is also very clear what is on offer being a high speed internet connection and cafe. Using clever personally designed logos isinternet-cafe-icon-thumb7236835 also something that gets over the fact you are an internet cafe and if running several stores makes people aware you are a “brand” if you have several cafes try to keep the quality and standards high. Because eventually if there is a row of internet cafes along a street and a big logo they recognise from their local internet cafe they will likely use yours first. So maybe spending a few pesos getting a logo seems a bit expensive at first but may payoff in the long run.


Making sure your signage can be seen at night is very important but just as important is the running costs. If the sign is going to be heavy on the electricity it becomes something that needs customers to pay for itself which isnt something you want to be doing. So my answer would be to be sensible. Tims type of signage is likely to be several flourescent tubes built into a lighting box which are normally plastic covered which keeps running costs down aswell as doing the job.


But one major thing is making the internet cafe look professional where possible. Signage like this is obviously cluttered and would make it more of a last resort for a cafe to use. Although the space is maximised it has Internet written into the sign 3 times where a more professional approach would have simply have been to put something like Internet Cafe with 24hrs (if it is) and get rid of the rest of the information. Because it just looks a mess.


So how do you draw in more customers? Well one thing is Promotions of say for every 2 hours you get 1 free or other things. But what about giving away free T-Shirts but look for something that will be witty and also well designed to make people not only proud to wear the shirt but clear to others where your internet Cafe is free. If its a gaming internet cafe something like “ I got Fragged at (Netcafe name)” or something else along those lines. People love free stuff so make it interesting to get the maximum out of it. T shirt printing in the Philippines is very cheap. There is also a lot of kids no doubt in your area offering rags for car windscreens or sellers of water etc. Why not get some Free Ts on these guys they are in ideal locations and literally thousands of people passing them. Upto you if you cut a deal for them wearing the shirts or just give them a free shirt. Either way I think most people will be happy just because its free.