Should I Vaccinate My Children Against Typhoid, Yellow Fever And Dengue Before Visiting The Philippines?

I was asked this question this morning by Eleanor and although I would recommend any vaccines for small children if your here for two weeks or just a week I would also take into account the location where you are going. Yellow fever for example isn’t common throughout the Philippines and a very good chance it won’t be anywhere near your stay. Dengue on the other hand is a problem in the country and worth checking the local newspapers online for outbreaks in your area and the number of people affected as this could affect your decision to visit due to the fact there is no recognised medical cure for Dengue or vaccine except very risky ones unless you go for herbal medicines such as the tawa-tawa plant that I recommend myself as it healed me. The Typhoid vaccine is readily available and worth reading about to way up the affects if any on your child if taken same goes for the Yellow Fever vaccine.

In all cases recommend talking to your local doctor but also you assess the areas you are visiting as generally I find doctors will canvas as “the Philippines” when giving advice rather than localised e.g. in a city, town, province. Which is understandable due to limited local knowledge but you can do some of the homework yourself as well as the differences between Jungle and living in a Condo for 2 weeks is likely to see you don’t need things like Yellow Fever vaccines. But at the same time check the side affects and way up how they can affect your child and how much the risk is likely to be. Very important you discuss everything with your doctor especially where children are involved to make sure they get the best care. Our children here in Cebu have had all vaccines and they often don’t come cheap but personally I wouldn’t take the risk with my children due to the location where we live for them not to have them. I have seen some very minor things become serious in the time I have been here at the same time we live within the community 24/7 and also travel into the provinces from time to time.

With any uncertainty regarding things like this not only for the Philippines but any country please always consult a medical professional for ease of mind and some solid advice.