Should I go back to UK?

If you imagine I have been out of the UK for over a year now and on top of that our developments that our current budget allows are complete should I head back to the UK?

What it sounds like Matt’s broke! well to be honest.. I’m not! doesn’t mean I will be building any palaces anytime soon but for me if you don’t aim at the stars you will never reach them. The internet cafe wasn’t such a success, still functioning but on 2 machines full-time as simply the market here collapsed by everyone thinking its a “great idea” and then the Peso-peso machines came to town and suddenly even the guy with a shack can go 50/50 with a peso-peso machine owner leaving computers littered all over the neighbourhood. When I started there were only 3 internet cafes of some description we opened and that became 7 and now it has to be at least 14 as everyone has internet these days and adding a peso-peso machine isn’t that expensive at worst it will pay for your internet and electric bill not such a bad deal for
just shoving a computer outside. What you mean your business failed? The answer to that is no, the internet cafe paid for the 11 PC’s plus renovated the internet cafe into the apartment it has now become which means its given a steady return of over P6,000 per month profit since it opened. But you have 2 machines now? yes we do the others are in the loft purely to reduce electrical cost as you can get people to wait 10 minutes for a computer and if it does get busy I just bring them out as and when they are needed. See this is the thing people forget is power leakage having computers plugged in they still draw power even if not used due to the way electricity works. At the same time the 2 PCs are now unattended and bolted down giving an income of P150 a day which for me = FREE internet for me and the apartments as well as P25 a day covering electrical supply leaving around P100 profit just from the 2 PCs.

This is where I hear that scratching sound across a vinyl record as the needle moves right across it.. why? because we are talking pesos here! in the UK I am worth up to P35,000 per day and the offers have become more frequent and the offers are offering more and more money to go back to the UK. As a survey today stated the divide between public and private sector pay grows and its true and although many people think I am arrogant and pompous at times even my clients will say it to me at the same time I will always deliver results.

But I heard someone on here complain that your full of it because the salary you stated was wrong? Good question do you think so? the same person who did that got fired why do you think they were on here in the first place! You see even on social surveying which is something I enjoy the salary quoted full-time generally is £28,000 – £35,000 now I generally contract as I don’t want a permanent role which is why they will hitch a pay salary of between £12 – £35 per hour depending how desperate they are to fill the gap. On the last role I undertook I cannot disclose but if we take an example at the bottom end of £12 and the fact I work to “recover” the company instead of just work for it. Remember I am not there for retirement I am there to put the company back in the black (red being in debt). £12 x 57 1/2hrs = £690 then you add the fact I am travelling every day which is normally P32 per mile (changes depending on the miles) but it generally ends up that I make around £170 to £220 a week on fuel total = £910 which on the conservative side is worth around £47,320 after tax in the UK. But that’s lower than the £120,000 per year you quote as your normal salary? I agree but you also have to add into the figures that I have a daily food allowance, education allowance, telephone bill etc. etc. as I am a  LTD company not an individual. This means I recover as much tax as possible and generally my income per week is around £1,5000 – £2,500 per week and then fight the tax man like a lion tamer with the stool.

Hang on I am confused you want to go back to UK because you can earn more? the answer to this question is very different and I will give you several reasons. Firstly I have my kids here in Cebu and I missed the first part of Zoei growing which makes her a bit more distant to me than she should be although the gap is closing. Ewee on the other hand is everyday trying to show me how he can crawl and do things as he young but proud to say “look at me dad” and you can see it in him. Nicole my daughter in the UK I haven’t heard from in 2 months and I begin to wonder if its my ex interfering as she seems bitter or just a phase that has begun to try and forget me. Money is secondary at the same time I am looking to build a legacy for my kids that they can own and control for themselves at the same time I sit here downloading kids stuff like CBeebies and Sesame street as I don’t want them to be dumb like many of the kids have become. I see a chess game before me where regardless of what my intentions are or for who I will always lose in someone’s eyes because I have kids split between worlds and nations. At the same time if I return to the UK for a year I can give my wife April a journey of a lifetime which is something I promised and although the kids have slowed things down it doesn’t mean my thoughts have halted a promise is a promise.

So is Matt struggling? this is on the end simply because several people would love me to fall on my backside (butt for the Americans). Currently my income hasn’t increased but bizarrely it hasn’t shrunk either. My loan company is bogged down in repayment issues but still returns every month although lower than initially expected (last year) at the same time my internet presence has expanded and bringing in more revenue. So in reality I can sit on my backside (butt) in the sun for decades and even though the second apartment hasn’t rented out and Kento will be gone for a few months for me it doesn’t make any difference as we don’t rely on the money. After the fiasco of a tenant that freaked out (not because of us but due to being robbed on a jeepney) I start to wonder do I want the hassle for less than £100 a month? God I spend more than that on a night out back in the UK back in the good days it was around £1,500 for a weekend. Which does make me wonder as Rene said to me am I wasting my time in the Philippines? As even Kento who seems to look for educated people everywhere he goes finds me one of the smartest and one of the most unique persons he’s met. Not blowing my own trumpet by the way but with the amount of negativity I give the U.S. lately I didn’t even get the village idiot reply to my post on Osama due to the fact the justification on the execution I compared to U.S. backed IRA as you will often find for me the only thing I ask people to do is think! But why think? the reasoning behind it is the media today is a joke and controlled by a small group of companies. Look at the royal wedding were you fascinated and ecstatic about the event? what you mean no? that doesn’t fit in with the media! the point is they tell people the world is watching and everyone is excited to force people to think they are even though probably your like me that didn’t care and had little or no interest at all. But the world is watching.. you think?

Either way the UK is calling should I go or not I will let you guys comment on it..