Should foreign people and countries help the Philippines poor?

Ayala Land

This sign someone sent to me on Facebook which pretty much says it all. Because I find the Philippines does have money it just seems to be in the wrong peoples hands. Which makes me wonder should anyone be giving the Philippines aid?

Could you imagine people donating cash and items to help the starving, the poor, the uneducated when things like land grabbing by rich Filipino companies caused people to be homeless or unemployment caused due to rich Filipino companies being self serving meaning it doesn’t want foreign companies as competition even though they would stimulate the economy.

The Philippines once was a bustling nation and free market is something that could drag it kicking and screaming into this century at the same time the families that have sat for over a 100 years controlling the Philippines as though its a hobby. Well for many I suppose its just cash with so many living in the U.S. and Canada not having any connection except controlling business. The fact people are living the lives of billionaires from a country being supported by western aid is a complete joke which is why I think all aid should stop to force the people responsible for running the country and its businesses to actually take responsibility and start to create change instead of things like huge condo developments that are primed for a complete market collapse.