Shooting at the custard factory in Birmingham, UK (why is this on a blog about the Philippines? read at the bottom!)

Three men are being treated in hospital after being shot at a nightclub in Birmingham – a fourth, female victim has been released.

The victims were at an urban music event at The Custard Factory when the incident happened at 1am.

The men aged 20, 23 and 25 and 25-year-old woman were among around 1,000 people at the club in Gibb Street in the city centre.

West Midlands Police have launched a "major inquiry".

Detective Inspector Tom Chisholm said: "We know a large number of people were there and we are appealing for them to urgently contact police with any information they may have.

"We have a number of statements to take, but the offender is described as a black male who may have been part of larger group," he added.

"All gun crime is treated seriously and we want to reassure the local community that we have a team of officers working on this incident and increased patrols in the area."

Forensic officers are working at the scene and CCTV footage is being examined.

The three men from Wolverhampton are all believed to be in a stable condition.

The Custard Factory is a mixed-use building which also contains an arts centre, shops, offices and restaurants.

Truth be known these sort of incidents happen all the time in Birmingham which is my main area of work in the UK or used to be. The Custard Factory itself I was applying for a maintenance managers role previously several years ago but the salary scale was well below what I normally work with. Getting back on topic though like Millenium Point which is a stones throw away from this building we had a shooting outside and the university next door a stabbing those two events within two weeks of each other. Is this relative to the Philippines? lets put it another way when you read a Philippines newspaper it has a lot of articles which are inconclusive and generally about politicians or advertisements. The rest is normally involving some criminal acts so when you read it (because you will skip the politicians being touted by the newspapers and the dull adverts) this makes the place appear more like a wild west shooting gallery where in reality its not. In the UK most of the shooting and stabbing facts are buried on purpose as one senior Police officer once told me “we don’t want to scare the general public”. Welcome to a nanny state! won’t warn you that certain parts of the country aren’t safe. Cebu I find less of a risk than I would travelling in Birmingham ok Birmingham has its CCTV cameras but its also been proven CCTV has not reduced crime if your lucky you get famous by being kicked or stabbed to death on camera and the video shown on TV shows looking for witnesses to the murder. Sorry but I would rather have someone there before that happened than the money that was wasted on all this technology. Point being if you research things deep enough you will see your home town isn’t as beautiful and wonderful as it seems.

In Worcester where my daughter and parents live drug addiction is a major problem. You will find syringes in kids play parks and I have even had one pushed through a letter box of my old house before due to a heroin addict neighbour. Same place my daughter used to sit and put her shoes on. Working for the local council there and in Birmingham I was also warned about not walking across the grass of play areas and sports fields incase you accidently stood on a needle.  We have rubbish in our rivers in Minglanilla but I have yet to see a discarded syringe anywhere except a hospital. There are rugby glue addicts and shabu but the problem doesn’t seem as bad as Worcester’s drug problem. Maybe its the guards that keep the addicted away from the nice buildings unlike sitting eating a big Mac in Worcester I have seen junkies coming in to go and shoot up in the toilets. Ever wondered why some Mcdonalds have UV lighting in the UK? It’s because drug addicts can’t find their veins under the light to inject.

I am very anti-drug because of the damage it does to others I haven’t met anyone yet who didn’t take drugs willingly which can only leave me with one impression must people addicted are in a bed of their own making and won’t get sympathy from me. Same reason I don’t give money in Cebu to beggars too many will use it for drugs either for themselves or buy for a parent. If you want to help take them to a street vendor and make them stand and eat its not as cheap but your not feeding someone’s addiction either.

At some point though you have to say these problems aren’t mine and that is one of the many reasons I moved to the Philippines. As well as the ability to help here is easier in the UK its not so restricted and structured. I don’t want to do a risk assessment for everything I do, I don’t want to submit government forms or have to do waivers I want to do what needs doing all the BS should stop at the government offices regardless of country not bed itself into things people are trying to do to help.

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  1. Tropicalpenpals
    September 30, 2010 at 5:39 am

    I wish they would but lately these things are in the news one day and forgotten the next. Very few things are done long term to try and combat this type of crime. Lots of talk from the Police and government agencies but thats about it “talk”.