Shipping container office/store (shop) in the Philippines made to order

Shipping container store

A concept sweeping many parts of the world these days is the introduction of shipping containers into modern design and society. The one in the photo is from Uruguay and the design is an option we are looking to replicate here in Cebu, Philippines.

From a business perspective I have looked at the costs of properties to setup offices and currently looking at a project for someone else with a price comparison of doing the same with hollow block. The difference in price is around P250,000 for 4 units which is obviously a staggering amount considering the modular units are also just going to be drop to site with very little work needing done to them except for electrical metering. So is it a viable alternative to other methods without a doubt, its quick its convenient and also cheap. The other thing is your not having the problems related to construction involving workers as you have removed them from the whole project except for base production and depending on location and either way we are with you every step of the way.

Why are we offering this service? From a business perspective its business but on more levels than you would think. Due to the protective nature of the Philippines business industry (i.e. nearly everything is controlled by specific families and corporations) the profit margins are reduced which for me and seeing the costs of rentals in malls etc can only offer one sensible solution developing a lot cheaply. A 20ft container or even several can be located on a small square metre lot allowing a business to be up and running swiftly as well as the ability to relocate easily on singular containers (pods). So if your interested in the concept please drop us an email at

2 comments for “Shipping container office/store (shop) in the Philippines made to order

  1. Malene Kay
    December 28, 2011 at 12:20 am

    would like to inquire size and price of your container van