Shipping Container Buildings In Cebu, Philippines

Gothong Southern - Shipping containers

Shipping container buildings and homes are something I have a keen interest in for developing low cost housing and I often come across negativity where people will say “I wouldn’t live in one” or that “its too hot here to use one”. Odd thing is take a bit of a time out and driving around its surprising how many already exist if you take the effort to look for them. Often its only when you start to look you realise they already exist as many become camoflauged amongst their surroundings.

shipping container office and seating

This one is on the main road towards SM mall in Cebu, the top section has open air seating couldn’t get a look inside as its Sunday and its all locked up.

Shipping Container Office - Cebu, Philippines

Another obvious office sat inside a shipping container yard with a new roof and air conditioning attached. Also along the road to SM mall.

JAJ Aggregates - Shipping container offices Cebu, PhilippinesJAJ Aggregates - Shipping container offices Cebu, Philippines

JAJ Aggregates was the most interesting building I come across so far here in Cebu and what you can’t see (Its laundry day!) is that behind the blue sheet and hanging T shirts are two pillars the one half of the shipping container building is a carport for their mini dumper pickups. A good design of shipping container architecture though. Located just along from the Mandaue – Lapu-Lapu bridge.

Shipping container building - Cebu,Philippines

 This one seems to be a work in progress on a bit of spare land near the Lapu-Lapu – Mandaue bridge. Its not completed as you can see with the half finished paint but to the right there was a makeshift hut that seems to be dismantled so a good chance this is becoming the office area. At a guess the owner is a haulier and its likely the drivers will stop off here at night to stay or for booking vehicles in and out. Not 100% and nobody was around to ask.