Sexual education and contraception use in the Philippines, is it the beginning of the end of the family unit in the Philippines?

I have heard the argument against Sexual Education and contraception in the Philippines from various sources including political and Church connections. The defence is always it will destroy the family unit in the Philippines that exists. The Philippines prides itself on the fact the family unit is the strongest bond and that a hierarchy structure exists where people respect their elders and the family unit functions together as one.

But a lot of things have changed already due to heavy corruption and people being forced to work abroad. OFWs are around 10% of the Philippines population with many of them having children they have had to leave behind to be brought up by aunts, grandparents or single parent families (due to the other partner being abroad). I have seen land disputes run for decades as people fight over ownership with their siblings. HIV and AIDS have only recently starting to be acknowledged as a problem in the Philippines, poverty has left millions struggling to survive each day with huge family numbers which is actively encouraged by many people in the church. On top of these things I have noticed an over compensation for parents being abroad by giving children everything they can which has resulted in many spoilt children and I have seen exactly the same problem in the UK with two parents having to work leaving the kids to their own devices while at work.

I think sexual education and contraception may end up being a saviour of the Philippines in time. Reduction of population growth can only be helpful for the country to help quality of life grow as well as improves infrastructure and education. I don’t see it damaging the church too heavily as simply its embedded here in both politics and culture it would take at least 20 years to see any negative affects. But I would expect the family bonds to become stronger over time as there would be more food on the table, more jobs available, more money to go around for education, infrastructure could grow at a manageable capacity without the issues currently facing the Philippines with its power shortages. On top of this the country could and should be able to manage to feed its own people. The education and contraception’s can also only lead to a decline in STD’s and possibly sexual contacts as simply better educated people are more likely to take the risks more serious. I have heard someone state that “AIDS” can only be transferred by sweat for example which is a myth but the same person actively involves themselves in unprotected sex.

Leave things as they are and the population boom is only going to get worse and its already near breaking point. Leave things as they are deaths and epidemics from sexual diseases people haven’t been educated about may cause serious harm to the population of the country. Leave things as they are and the Philippines will never break its cycle of poverty for the majority.