Sex Trade In The Philippines – Sexpats Disney World

I find it a little bit irritating the reactions on the U.S. Ambassador’s speech about the Philippines sex tourism, instead of taking it on the chin and saying ok so how do we improve our reputation abroad or if these figures are true how do we clamp down on it. The response is to attack the U.S. Ambassador for bringing up the matter of 40% of male tourists coming to the Philippines are sex tourists.

In reality I have seen how things are here first hand others may choose to wander round with blinkers on yet the amount of stag nights and birthday parties that go on here amongst expats that end up in brothels (Bikini bars sorry the sexual transactions don’t take place on the premises) is surprisingly large. At the same time even more surprising is how acceptable it is and justified by the majority of people. You see you have the sexpats here who will justify it as “This is the Philippines” which to them means its a Sexpat Disney World they can come to the Philippines and have sex with as many women as they like for small transaction fees. Hey if they are poor enough can be P100 if outside a bikini bar. But then again they also forget the predators who actually search the dating websites to link up with unsuspecting girls here to use and abuse with the promise of marriage before disappearing to the next girl. Bumped into several of these low life since I have been here. Some of them are close friends of some of the websites you find on the internet about living in the Philippines as an expat.

Then you have the trawlers who don’t use the clubs as they are tight on the purse strings they will sit around places like Ayala terraces in Cebu waiting for girls to come along and proposition them for sex. Not hard to find as they are generally harassing anything that has a pulse and is female.

Then the child abusers that are a bit more discrete could be the “cherry girl” poppers which is basically they pay extra for young virgin prostitutes to use and abuse taking their virginity. But it doesn’t stop there as plenty of people here are either here abusing kids sexually or involved in the internet side of things. The child abuse website Dreamboard seen some foreigners in the Philippines flagged up and arrested for videoing and photographing young children with sexual abuse and molestation for money.

But what about the cybersex dens? This is a new thing to the Philippines in recent years yet its something that could be tracked very easily if the Police had more support from lawmakers and ISPs as one thing the Philippines suffers with is poor internet connections. Which means these so called sex dens need good internet which could flag up especially if being used in private properties over commercial buildings. The other problem with sex dens is they are international and owners often aren’t even in the Philippines. IP tracing and tracking is possible so why isn’t it done? Justification of this industry often comes in the form of “nobody is getting hurt” or that “at least they are making some money”. Fantastic feel the same if it was your own kids on there?

Now the other thing is the fact people like myself are in the minority I will receive abusive emails after posting this as the types of people above do see this as their playground and that I am in the wrong by stating the fact they are sexual predators doesn’t matter how you look at it they are either exploiting poverty or taking personal gain in some form.

But “Prostitution is the oldest trade!” is another justification but its not. In reality hunters were as we hadn’t developed farming initially when means the oldest is not prostitutes but predators praying on animals and others.

Thing is all of the above tarnish the reputation of expats generally because most other expats aren’t doing anything in fact many are retirees just sitting out in the sun ignoring the rest of the world living in their own bubble which is fine. Only problem is when the government of the Philippines is more concerned about someone highlighting the problem of the sex trade and the foreigners using it over the fact the sex trade is a booming business it creates a major problem.

In reality in the UK people see the Philippines and Thailand as prostitute havens, if you say your travelling out here the first thing they think of is prostitution. For me that’s unacceptable as the Philippines doesn’t need this image abroad and I sure as hell don’t want my family tarnished because of people justifying and finding it acceptable in the Philippines. In the same way how are people getting as far as even Afghanistan to be used as prostitutes in encampments? This isn’t a small trade and its not getting enough support locally and internationally to even scratch the surface. But this is the issue if you even take Blackwater in the mix (U.S. contractor) they stuck a Filipino prostitute on the government payroll for Afghanistan under Morale Welfare Recreation.