Sex in the City… Cebu that is.. Not NY

Ive decided to make a second posting on this quite simply as it seems to have caught a lot of peoples attention. Regarding the sex tourist industry in Cebu. Its not an area i know a lot about because quite simply it doesnt interest me, im happily married but i know some of my friends when visiting the Philippines would be wanting to visit such locations. So ill just do a quick right up and see if anyone wants to know more, as although i know little about this i know plenty of people who do and i would prefer people if they are just coming to the Philippines for sex in the sun that they messed around with women that are in that trade rather than creating problems for women that really dont need you arriving and disappearing on a whim.

So where to start.. Firstly if your going to get involved in this trade you need to sort locations near the central part of Cebu city. Eddies Hotel is pretty close to where a lot of the bars are. But anywhere round the rotunda in Cebu and its near enough on your doorstep.

bikini bar map cebu,cebu central map

The locations marked in pen are places such as Lonestar, BJs and Vikings which are all near or in Mango Square, there are many more near these locations. Generally they are foreign owned and the way things are operated when entering the girls approach you and are likely to ask for drinks (as they get a percentage of every drink you buy). The mamasan (who is in charge of the girls) is probably your best friend in the bar so if your going to buy someone a drink buy her one and have a chat to your requirements. She is likely to be able to point you in the direction of an ideal girl. Then the term “barfine” is likely to be heard although after a few raids the term may have changed to something else. But basically you will be expected to “pay” for the girl to leave work early which varys depending on the bar you are in. Because sometimes the barfine includes the expense of the girl and sometimes it just pays for the girl to leave work. Your better discussing with the mamasan as to what is what or make a new buddy visiting at the same time. From what ive heard a barfine and girl can cost anything from £15 upwards as you need to negotiate your requirements with the girl.

Now before you jump on a plane and set yourself up  for a fortnight of pleasure please be aware of murders im not saying they happen all the time but murders do seem to be on the increase with tourists and the last one i remember involving a prostitute involved a guy taking a shower after sex and the women he slept with which is believed to be in a financial arrangement as his wife was at the construction site of her new home. Let someone into the hotel room who then proceeded to use an ice pick to stab him to death.

STDs are another area you should be cautious of and packing your own condoms. Because there are no statistics on HIV and AIDS doesnt mean it doesnt exist it just means the government is ignoring the fact. Have a happy holiday.

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