Separating the blogs again

I have decided to separate as a separate site again, initially i stopped doing it because i was busy with construction and when i went back found 27,000 spam accounts had occupied the site so deleted it and moved the articles into TropicalPenpals. Problem is though TropicalPenpals goes in a slightly different direction to MyMinglanilla as the engagement from people within Minglanilla as well as having the local goings on will only be of real interest to people in the area rather than the majority. For this reason going to split it off. Also moving other sites around a bit purely to make it easier for people to find stuff at the same time setting up separate twitter accounts and other pages as its starting to look a bit spammy with around 6 posts a day coming out on completely different things for different sites. This way you only subscribe to what you want to see. Will hopefully be the last time the sites are done this way at the same time will also remove a lot of “expat” conversations on blogs that aren’t relevant to them as they are internationally based where a lot of people keep trying to emphasis it back onto the Philippines only which for most of the other sites is not what they are there for.

At the same time also will mention we don’t do link exchanges if you want to submit an article with references to other sites your welcome to do so but a simple link with link back has stopped. Google doesn’t like it due to the randomness of links but also I am cutting back on direct links but can offer reviews instead of businesses etc.