Seoul Korean Restaurant

Seoul Korean Restaurant is a Korean restaurant in Cebu City.

Hours: 10 AM to 12 PM


  • Boosam (Pork with vegetables)
  • Bukakook (Pollack soup)
  • Bulgogi (Roasted rib eye)
  • Dactorytang (Chicken in a spicy soup with vegetables)
  • Dolsotbibimbap (Rice with assorted mix in a stone pot)
  • Galbisal (Boneless beef ribs)
  • Galbitang (Short rib soup with noodles)
  • Jolmyun (Spicy seasoned noodles)
  • Haemultangiungal (Seafood casserole)
  • Kimchijun (Korean pancake with kimchi)
  • Kimpbap (Rice roll with vegetables and minced meat)
  • Kongkuksoo (Noodles in soybean soup)
  • L.A. Galbi (Marinated beef ribs)
  • Saewootuikim (Deep fried king prawns)
  • Samgaetang (Chicken broth with ginseng)
  • Samgyupsal (Boned rib of pork)
  • Somakchankui (Grilled abonasam)
  • Soondaekukbap (Korean sausage in broth)
  • Sundubu (Soft tofu soup with seafood and vegetables)
  • Yukgaejang (Beef soup with various condiments)
  • Drink
    • San Miguel
    • San Miguel Light
    • Soju


Seoul Korean Restaurant

1st Floor, Gaisano Country Mall

Cebu City, Cebu 6000


Tel no.: (63-32) 233-1356