Sensationalism or truth about the Philippines

Sensationalism and truth are very different things and I wanted to make it very clear on my Channel. If I am discussing any topic it is because it does, has or can happen to anyone. Hold up robberies on Jeepney’s I personally believe are on the increase. In 2007 – 2011 I knew nobody who had been robbed. In recent years though the numbers are much higher to the point I can’t even remember how many.
Two expats off the top of my head had two similar instances the first one was between the Rotunda in Cebu city and Ayala Mall. The thieves were so confident not only did they steal his wallet and take the money out. They also put the wallet back that housed his bank cards etc.
The next was an expat who had just arrived in the Philippines and was looking to rent an apartment. I had told him I would be back in 10 minutes to show him around but “knowing better” he headed out on his own. Wearing a bum bag across his stomach, within 10 minutes he had lost around $1000 that he had taken out with him. His entire budget for the month and then had some sort of mental breakdown. Annoying as the guy wasn’t fit to travel in my opinion as it’s these types of guys that end up jumping off bridges etc. but also I had asked him to wait.
One of my staff recently was on a Jeepney that was held up with the use of arms. Being smart she had hidden her phone inside her water container that she wore around her neck. The robbers were left with nothing of interest to steal as she only had her bus money on her.
The main focus of the videos I make are about thinking of possibilities and risks. As often people can be blind to them due to not being aware of the risks in their own countries and cultures. It is to ask the question is this right? Am I safe? With food and drink it’s knowing if you are not happy to say no thank you and move on. As ignoring what made you doubt something may have a potential health risk.

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