Sending Boxes to the Philippines

The best way although not express is via the Balikbayan services which are run throughout the world. Generally by networks of people who fill a container then ship the goods to the Philippines (generally Manila) then its shipped from Manila to wherever it needs to go. I sent 3 from the UK before I left it seems to take around 2 months to get to Cebu but bearing in mind it was around the Christmas period when everyone was sending boxes back so containers were leaving around twice a week. Not sure what its like January onwards as its likely to take longer to fill a container.

One thing to do is make sure the box is very well wrapped and tightly packed.

 As you can see the box looks a bit battered not sure if its due to the fact that it was rolled due to the weight or because other boxes were tightly packed on top. Either way it looks excessive with the brown tape but it kept it all tightly packed and secure. Opening we found some of the soaps had ejected theyre contents within the box. Luckily it didnt damage anything though.

So why would you send boxes? simply many bits of equipment are unavailable or difficult to source in the Philippines. Soap products are expensive if you like Pears or Imperial leather for example. Could be nearly P100 each where you can buy a pack of 4 for £1.00 in Tescos. Aswell as large bottles of body wash gels etc. They are great gifts as most of the items cant be purchased in the Philippines and the quality is much higher.

Tool wise as you can see we shipped some of my tools ready for house construction. Because a lot of tools here are China made and could also be very poor quality copies of branded tools. Either way i prefer the genuine equipment for reliability and its safe to use. So how much does a box cost well as you can see the two boxes in the photos are pretty large and they also require 2 people to move them due to heavy weights. Balikbayan boxes are based on dimensions not weight so heavy goods makes no difference to the price. The two boxes cost around £115.00 to send including insurance. I was working in London so sent them via Nettrex who ship out the containers not far from my work route. So dropped them off. But there is also collection options. Delivery will be to the door in the Philippines. Its not the fastest of services but its reliable and cheap in comparison to the other options out there.