Sefyla Band – Cebu, Philippines ( Reggae Sound )

Yapi /Vox;Tara/Guitars;Vonay/Bass;Rmart/Drums
defying labelling genres
Cebu, Southside
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0932-207-8347/ 0929-647-7455
No Doubt, Save Ferris, The Marley People and his reggae republic, Tanya Stephens, Erykah Badu,311, Hole, Cynthia Alexander, 70s-80s-90s School of Rak En Roll, Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Hendrix, The Blues and Jazz in the outskirts of Old Chicago, The respectable Local Music, to the old tunes of Samurai X and Flame of Recca.
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Music for a Cause, Events, tours, concerts, culture…unite

A backyard high school line-up started on 2003 which initially gave the band’s first break during a series of local festival gigs and that went on a steady treading, the transition to college had brought the band’s first line-up to set priorities and established a more concrete level and focus on song writing and creating their own sound to a more critical stage.Years after their participation on the "Doobie Nights", a nationwide release of reggae compilation on 2006 by Jam88.3 and Galaxy Rec., Sefyla had emerge with a more committed members and pursuits to create more tunes by collaborating different genres of the line-up’s influences. They remained grounded to the indie culture yet is continuing to honed their musicality and cause as a band and as Sefyla, this has saved their lives.
Indeed, Music Can Save Lives.
P.s: It’s not a Beauty Contest.