Sea life sanctuary Bindoy, Negros oriental, Philippines (Negros trip part 9)

 20110627_82We travelled out to eat with the mayor and mayoress of Bindoy on the banka in the photo along with a doctor from Cebu and a couple of other people. I wasn’t 100% what to expect when people said a sanctuary and expected a small island off the coast somewhere not the building that we ended up at with its small pier which was a bit an achievement building it all the way out there.

At the same time getting to the banka was also a bit of an adventure as people first got loaded onto a small row boat that was pulled out to the banka and then everyone transfered. Reason for that being is the water up to the beach was less than waist deep and even then there were sand banks in areas that broke the surface.


Initially it looked more like a floating restaurant that we often get off the coast of Mactan where people are sold fresh seafood as the banka’s (boats) offload passengers to restaurants in the sea.

But getting nearer to this development it was pretty obvious that the mayor of Bindoy was very environmental which is why the building existed as it houses a “fish warden” in a zoned area to protect the sea life. At the same time an ideal place for education of water life as the waters around the sanctuary aren’t so deep and you can see the coral life from even stood on the balcony areas as the water is so clear.


sea life sanctuary bindoy, negros, philippines

On the building on the left you can see a solar panel giving electric to the building just sited on the corner of the roof as well as a fresh water tank. Still under construction its likely to take another 2 years to complete but the apartments on the left are already operational with shower room,bedroom and no doubt would be a great get away when everything is complete. We were pleasantly surprised with the mayor and family as everyone was friendly and the mayor and mayoress greeted us upon arrival as well as one of the other government officials working with Jovie.

mayor of bindoy's grand daughter

The odd thing with the sea life was that all star fish were bright blue. Must be where Patrick from sponge bob square pants comes from. The kids that were there enjoyed swimming around amongst the sea life and having a great time. Two parties in one day we were pretty much full of food and still plenty to see and do. blue star fishThe doctor who arrived with us and his friends didn’t stop long and we stayed behind for a dip in the sea. I did take some video footage with the underwater camera and wished I had brought along scuba gear as it was difficult to stay still with the tide coming in as the waves constantly kept me moving and struggling to keep the camera straight. Although it has proven the camera works and the picture quality is a lot better than I had expected and looking forward to uploading them onto the YouTube channel later.

Won’t be of interest to most people I know as they were a bit rough at the same time pretty funny for us that were there trying to hold the camera, not fall onto sharp coral and bouncing against slippery steps all at the same time. We headed back at the same time as the mayor and his family which filled the banka up to capacity with us all on board. To save a bit of time when we got back we abandoned ship as we still had our swimming gear on and carried our camera equipment and other stuff above our heads as the water only barely covered our waist.

Had a great time in Bindoy to be honest everyone is friendly and more than accommodating. If you get the chance would recommend visiting. There is also a lake with log cabins nearby, we didn’t get the chance to visit this trip as simply we ran out of time but will review it next time we are in the area. Also found Bindoy like everywhere else we visited in Negros clean and without loud music and pretty much easy to access via the main road network.