Scottish Sailor murdered in the Philippines by fiancé's boyfriend.

John MacDonald, 27 who was a merchant seaman had met Nancy Romero online and while his ship was docked in Manila decided to visit her at her home. Initially upon the visit Nancy Romero introduced someone at her home as her brother but in fact was her live in boyfriend Anselmo Locastales. Everything seemed fine and they went out for a meal with the 3 of them all seemed fine and after they ate they headed off to a Karaoke bar at which point John made public his plans to marry Nancy. This resulted in Lacostales going into a fit of rage when they returned back to the house producing a knife and repeatedly stabbing John and Nancy. After stealing John’s wallet Lacostales fled from the murder scene, neighbours raised the alarm after hearing Nancy’s screams. John was pronounced dead on arrival at Angono hospital which is on the outskirts of Manila.

Nancy,31 on the other hand received wounds to her stomach and arms is currently fighting for her life.

In a bizarre turn of events John had already promised to marry another girl from Mexico and his relatives were unaware of Nancy saying John had planned to marry Michelle Morales Velez next year.

On his Bebo page, Rangers fan John listed himself as engaged to Michelle.

He wrote last year: "Met the girl of my dreams in Spain – Michelle Morales Velez from Mexico. "Life is sweet right now. Got engaged to my baby in Paris, which was great."

Last night, John’s stepdad Gary Gibson said: "He was supposed to be getting married to Michelle next year.

"The reports from the Philippines are not the way it happened."

John’s mum Joanne, 55, said: "He was a much-loved son and brother and was very close to his family. "He spent a lot of time at sea but when he was off on leave, he spent his holidays first visiting family and friends, then travelling, which he adored.

"His death is a tragedy and he will leave a gap in so many people’s lives which will never be filled." John was killed a few miles from the Philippines office of his employers, Trico, who also work out of Aberdeen. He was a second mate on a merchant navy ship and worked on international contracts.

It may seem a cut and shut case but as I said to April my wife the other day every time a foreigner is murdered here the spin of “love triangle” hits the news.. very easy to make a story up and quickly close the case if its all so obvious. Was it a proposal or was it something else maybe if someone can research John’s chat logs they will have the information of the connection.


2 comments for “Scottish Sailor murdered in the Philippines by fiancé's boyfriend.

  1. Master Mariner
    September 10, 2010 at 10:19 am

    I personally know the report above is crap. His ship is in Singapore and has been for a long time. I also have been told the girl involved was working in Singapore, where they met. This is so easy to check, as immigration records are public documents in the Philippines and anyone can obtain them. It is so obviouse that the killer knew what was going on and agreed to John visiting, as he was introduced as “the brother”. This is a typical thing in the Philippines, suck the Foreigner in to extort money from them. Was the girl working in Singapore, and if so, what was her job??????????

    • Tropicalpenpals
      September 10, 2010 at 11:37 am

      Agree with you totally and its something ive discussed with others.. its a typical “mop up” by media and police to stop actually investigating a case.. much easier to say love triangle than get off their asses and do some good journalism and police investigations.