Schools in the Philippines

This topic I haven’t covered much previously purely because I personally have little to do with the schools at the moment. But I think if coming from abroad there are certain things worth knowing in advance especially if your looking to send your children to one of the local schools.

The government public schools are in every Barangay and these schools are pretty much always over subscribed (around 40+ children per class) as well as heavily underfunded. I haven’t looked into the quality of teaching of the schools but from some of the ones I have seen I would recommend sending your children to a private school.

Now if your thinking “Private School” the first thing that will be crossing your mind is the huge expense especially if you compared it to the UK schooling. But in the Philippines private schools may be a bit of a burden but more often than not they won’t break the bank. School fees start from around P20,000 a year plus books. The schools aren’t great but the do provide a fairly good standard of education.

Moving from the U.S. may be a little easier for getting your child into a school compared to the UK because the education system in the UK is completely different. Either way though to gain entry your child will have to undergo an assessment test, this usually cost around 500PHP. From this test it will be determined what grade your child will be admitted into. As the system mimics that of the U.S. These schools still suffer with basic levels of equipment and facilities although it doesn’t mean your children will suffer and the schools are competent to teach to high standards. If you feel your child is falling behind on subjects though you can also hire a private tutor for remedial studies which will cost literally only a few pounds a week.

There is also “international schools” which are well funded and modern. The cost of this education comes at a price of at least around P5,000 per month. Socially these school will be a benefit to your children in the future if they are likely to stay in the country as networking with the next business successors and becoming friends can reap rewards long term for your kids. At the same time the education is a lot higher due to the quality of the schools. It comes at a price though in Cebu you are looking at approx P30,000 per month.

From people I have met over the last few years I can only recommend that you infill your kids with some extra international education as well as there seems to be many gaps in peoples education when it comes to things like Geography. Not sure why as I haven’t spent a lot of time within the schooling systems but can only say that country locations most people I talk to wouldn’t be able to draw out a rough map of the world. May not seem a big thing but the relationship to UK and Europe for example or U.S. and UK a lot of people don’t know. So I would strongly advise adding a bit of tutoring yourself.