Scammed in the Philippines

I received an email regarding something that has happened to someone on another forum. It sort of hit a cord in something that happened in my past. It goes like this :-

hi guys, sorry i didn’t get a chance to see you all when i visit surigao recently. Anyway I hear my ex Evangeline b doringuez otherwise known as VANGEI is spreading the word that I deserted her & was messing around back in ozz.

Ok vangei lets tell the true story.

I met her on Asian euro chat site, there was never any mention of being pregnant or anything like it so I fly out to meet her in manila on 4 July 2007. When I met her in manila I discovered she had given birth to Angel 7 days before I met her. So Angel is not my kid she is the kid of the guy she was involved with in the uk.

Anyhow me being a soft touch fell for her sob story and decided ok I take her and the kid because it isn’t the kids fault anyway. She (vangei) then arranges with a taxi driver to take us somewhere to get married or at least that is the story she told me. after parting with 10,000 peso I got handed what I believed at the time was our marriage papers.

We arrived in surigao on the 27th July and from this point onwards all i ever was to her was a supply of ready pesos. From 27th July 2007 to 16th may 2008 which is when i return to Australia to go back to work,

she had cleaned me out of around 4 million peso or $50,000 aust.

Ever since i met vangei I always try and do the right thing for her including taking Angel as my own kid. i never mess around with other women and always believe we was really married. after returning to ozz and getting a new job in the mines I still send her $1,000 a month for her and Angel.

Then after 10 months i hear that she is screwing around with some yank, so i call her loads of times and want to speak to this American but she always refuse to let me talk to him.

From my experiences with her I can say she is just a lying cheating money grabbing female dog and i pity the next poor guy she latches onto.

looking back i can see how i was so easily fooled by her and probably many others before me. but my conscience is clear as i had never wronged her in anyway at all. She will get her rewards for all the lying & cheating one day and I just hope I am there to see it.

As for Nerissa the girl that came to Surigao with me, i met her online after finding out about vangei she is not from Cebu as some are saying she is from manila and works abroad in Abu dabi. She arranged time off

work to join me on my trip and as a bit of a holiday.

I have now discovered that the so called marriage papers were also false and was just another of vangeis con tricks. Ok so that’s it the only thing i am guilty of is I have been a fool, but vangei is a total liar &

cheat and angel is the kid of her ex in the uk.

What I’m telling here is the truth so now you can believe what you want.

CU Jay 😉

Now from my own life it involved my first long-term ex-girlfriend. I’m not easily played but benefit of the doubt I gave a few times when things didn’t add up. Until one day a series of events happened. At the time I had a bar in the UK and it was a Sunday afternoon business was slow and I had a few drinks with friends before heading home to my apartment. I wasn’t due home until later that evening but thought I would go home early to surprise my partner…

I arrived to find the intercom wasn’t working ( I didn’t take a key to work as I knew she would be home). That was pretty normal though as kids ring all the buzzers, switch off your intercom it stops the door ringing. I threw a small stone at the window (we were on the 2nd floor) nobody answered so I threw another one which accidently went through the glass (just my luck..) Next thing Police arrive called by a neighbour and I was arrested on criminal damage (Which I thought was bizarre since its my property but who am i going to argue with). Arrived at the station and they decided to put me in a cell.. after taking my shoe laces etc. At this point I started to become awkward refusing to sign for my items and requested my lawyer before I do anything which went down well with the very large female Sergeant. As i spent the next 3 hours waiting for my lawyer I began a routine of sobering up (as I had drank a few beers earlier although not drunk I wasn’t 100%) so walking round in circles for the three hours soon got me up to par. Lawyer arrived and I sat in a small interview room that was basically two chairs and a small table, drab blue in colour with over bright fluorescent lighting. The discussion began on the events and out came two pieces of paper statements from my partner at the time and a guy. Penny dropped and that was that.. freed in the morning picked my car up and was “bound” to keep the peace staying away from my own house until the court case. This took around 3 months to go through and I moved on with my life, it may have cost me a house etc. but it was worth it. Court case arrived and was instantly thrown out due to the property being mine in the first place. My now ex then proceeded to hound me as she had become rather bitter in the fact my life had become pretty successful as soon as she was thrown out of it. I now had a restaurant, new car and a lot of other things going on all going well. A few conflicts with her boyfriend happened due to figments of her imagination and he was hanging onto every word she spoke. This is where I dealt my cards anyone who knows me will tell you I’m easy going but cross me and I come down hard.  My now Ex had a boyfriend who was a little bit dim but though of himself as a bit of a local gangster, as well as the fact he was a professional boxer. A few events occurred that he caught me out and about and a few fights happened. Yet I couldn’t understand why he believed my ex on so many of her weaved lies..anyway fighting with a boxer on a regular basis as well as being bound over to keep the peace wasn’t easy and that’s when I dealt with the situation. Its a bit difficult to explain the facts so I will just cut a lot of the middle bit out for obvious reasons. But a drug raid later him and his four associates were found in possession of a quantity of drugs and his career was finished as well as the hassles with courts etc. I moved further a field and started a new life. It took 3 years to get rid of my ex completely she had some strange idea that I would come back to her. But it was in an instant of talking to my lawyer that day at the Police station the years of lies for her all fell apart. She had made me a shadow of myself back then by wearing me down. The lawyer had in turn freed me from the horrible life that I had become entangled in. Most people say lawyers aren’t worth the money or they are leeches.. but that day he set me free and can only be regarded as priceless. I lost a lot of material things walking away from that relationship but the truth is its what is inside that counts. Money will always come and go but your health,heart and head you only have one set put them first.

Why does this story fit with the first? Because what happened to me was in the UK not the Philippines. The truth is it can happen to anyone anywhere. The big problem I think in the Philippines is many of the guys coming here are meeting and marrying girls from the lower classes especially uneducated women. I see it all the time and to be honest its pretty much doomed to fail from the start. My ex was very poor in comparison to me in fact most of my friends seen her as beneath me. But if you know me I’m
very down to earth and the person is most important to me not wealth. Anyway getting involved with someone not used to money or has low education can create major problems not always I admit but from the people I know who sit round a table comparing husbands cars etc. (Pinays) as well as the Hong Kong Prada they would drop the husband for a better one in an instant its all about the $$. Now I know a lot of people who are the complete opposite in fact the majority of my friends aren’t into the bling several of them are looking for partners but I try not to get them involved with people I don’t know because I have met some real idiots lately (Foreigners) not many but a few asked to meet some of my friends but for various reasons I didn’t, later on finding these guys had actually made some major mistakes in Cebu. Either way the important thing is if someone bites you just move on with your life a little bit wiser and maybe a lot poorer. One thing is guaranteed though most of these scamming women need cash constantly down to the fact they are poorly educated and have a severe habit of spend spend spend.. nothing saved for tomorrow. Its also an easy way to spot a leech from a pearl.