Scaffolding in the Philippines


I arrived the other morning to find that work had begun facing the last section of wall with a skim of concrete. But was a bit dubious to the use of scaffolding. It seems sturdy enough but wouldn’t climb it myself. A discussion about it came to the solution that there was a lack of timber so “making do”. Also by the time I arrived it was nearly finished so it was  just as easy to let them carry on. But it is something I am looking to include in further budgets some kind of scaffolding. Preferably aluminium due to the problems and speed of rust here. Most of the building we will be doing in  the future won’t be above second level. Although I am seriously considering designing the lot that we want in the future on a 4 floor design but likely to be built in phases similar to the apartment you see in the photo where the netcafe was finished and the roof was the solid slab of concrete floor from the apartment above. Which didn’t leak even in heavy rain.