Say things as they are

Often you will find when blogging people contradicting a post and skimming instead of reading which often misses the point. When the blog originally came about its because the stuff online was more often than not a decade out of date and gave a very fake picture of the Philippines. Which is why I began writing about life here in general. Its like the search engines definition of the blog as it states it doesn’t fit into one category and that’s because its “life” things are constantly changing and new things happening which stops it having a single niche market but then again I often think about writing specific niche’s online for products to sell in Western countries but would find it very dull and boring so don’t bother. The world is awash with internet writers and simply I am happy with my own little corner of the world that we create as we go.

There is often complaints the education system is bad here yet millions of Filipino’s find work abroad. As a foreign national I would say the system is out of date at the same time for us due to the work patterns as well as being at home we can offer home schooling on top of the local school education which actually puts the education a lot better than most western places as well as a strong interaction between parents and children. In the UK we are unlikely to be able to afford the time to do it as even standing still in the UK is generally expensive where in the Philippines a small budget can keep you afloat due to most bills being minimal depending on location. There are also some University studies other Asian countries send their students here to study from due to quality being higher than their home countries. Which gets me back to the point its saying things as they are but often its how they are literally seen as people will often tar everything with the same brush yet without experiencing everything you cannot be 100% sure as like everywhere round the world there are good and bad points.

Relationships are also an odd one as people’s viewpoints on them are so diverse which is why you will come across heated debates on what is right and wrong on mixed marriages as well as even coming to the Philippines. The way I see it that is the governments decision and at the same time people complain about the number of foreigners now in the Philippines they don’t look at the number of Filipino’s abroad so in reality just skimming over the facts because if its good enough for one its good enough for the other.

The most important thing I try to do in the blog though is get people to think as I have come across too many people who take the leap into a new country yet haven’t done any ground work or even prepare for things going wrong for an emergency exit if needed. So sometimes you will see posts that are there to irritate people as its primary role is to get people to talk, discuss and think about the situations before they arise in the real world. The Philippines can offer a wonderful world at the same time has given many people the opposite in recent weeks for example I have known 4 people involved in either being robbed or attacked in Cebu nothing major  but only down to the fact they had their wits about them giving a few cuts and scrapes at worst a few weeks of rest needed. At the same time I have known of 7 foreign nationals murdered in the last 3 years as well as several suicides. Not painting a dark picture here but the fact is its not all rosy on the other side!