Save Money On Smart Bro Internet

smartbro 999 plan

Today we headed off to SM to get our internet connection cut off (we have 2) and I wanted to share this bit of information we came across as I am sure it would save a lot of other people money as well.

As we began cancelling the service they told us that we could keep the same service for P749 a month since we had been with them for 4 years. With the hassles we have been having with connections it wasn’t worth the hassle. BUT we also mentioned our second internet connection which has been setup for just under 2 years. There was a discount available on that of P166 a month by renewing the contract OR a free mobile phone whichever one we wanted. So all in all today a good result not only saving the P999 on the connection we aren’t using but also reducing our monthly cost on the other internet connection by P166. They won’t call you to give you the offer! Call them and ask to get the discount. After your contract is outside its lock in period which is normally 18 months depending on service just give them a call and ask them about the discount, personally I wouldn’t bother with a cell phone as getting the bill down is a better deal long term.