Sari-Sari and the net cafe

The Sari-Sari is growing well from when we first started the only real issue I am currently having is the way the electricity bill has jumped. Not sure why its gone up by another P2,000 except maybe on the fact of its been very hot lately. We did a calculation as there is 7 fans, 11 PC’s, Fridge Freezer, Refrigerator and an air cooler running most of the time but still P5k is a lot for electric so today pulled the plug on the netcafe promo as its simply got to be a minimum of P10 the other problem is the neighbouring stores work at such a low profit margin its difficult to compete. I think the next three months we will concentrate on bringing our stocks right up then start moving the prices up some goods I think are still cheap even though our neighbours will still be selling cheaper ours are refrigerated. The netcafe is still going along steadily as well although I am getting tempted to rip it out and turn it into a second apartment as its already pretty much just needing painting, installation of the bathroom (room is there) and tiling the floor and it would be ready to rent for P7,000+ a month advantages being nobody has to be there. Jovie is heading off to work soon and I wonder if its just easier to take the fixed rent. Would be nice to finish the other apartment as well though (the 2nd one we want to build next to the one we did the photos of). The interesting thing is there is no shortage of people wanting to rent them. Someone is arriving next month as well looking to take our mountain lot on a long-term lease which would release some capital for buying up a lot nearer the town to convert into more apartments. But will see how it goes I am hoping the netcafe that seems to be our main competitor will eventually close due to high rents I can’t see how it actually makes any money in its location. Ours is probably getting the same amount of usage and makes a small profit but he has to find another P6k just for his rent. The other alternative would be to turn it more into a business centre and start looking to do things like cold calling as a call centre in the UK via Skype. Would be perfect if I could set it up for doing small business accounts for the one man band type businesses that need payroll etc. but rarely do their paperwork if they could help it. Getting that business week in week out would be a good money spinner.

Another thing I am looking at aswell is live fish which goes back to the Aquaponics I still haven’t started but I might just start using some in a drum with oxygen and selling the fish via the Sari-Sari until I can get the setup done properly. A solar Aeroator would be ideal for keeping the running costs down but I wonder if I can source one in the Philippines. Would be nice though being able to sell “fresh” fish that you can literally pick your own also if the bin idea works as well means we can be fattening different types of fish.