Running a business in the Philippines

Running a business in the Philippines is a constant headache, anyone who say’s it isn’t I would sit and watch for a while as I don’t believe them.

The biggest issue is family issues often overlap into the work environment due to the Philippines culture. An aunt can say your needed to stay at home and look after your father for example and a Filipino would just do it. I have given some people some real opportunities over the years only later to have some of them just go down the wrong path. Not all bad though as many of my call center agents learned to be “agents” from working with us and have all managed to get jobs based on the experience they had working with us. In fact although we stopped telemarketing services if we started again I am already aware of many of the agents who would come back in an instant.

Which is part of the problem in the Philippines doing business as often it can’t be a strict environment because of the way Filipinos naturally are. As soon as you start clamping down on things you start to see people disappear. But at the same time get the balance right you can end up with a fantastic workforce.

My gripe though is its just too hands on for me, as I don’t mind getting things setup and operational. But a lot of the opportunities do not pay enough for me to constantly run them. Take your eye off the ball and someone is off with it.

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