Rough justice in Minglanilla

When I come across robberies etc. in the Philippines people often criticize the local population for not doing anything. But firstly I would say though is in the West its being encouraged “not to do anything” to avoid law suits even if someone is in harms way that your trying to save. Personally I get involved in things that technically a lawyer would say not to and have done for years including 5 car crashes, 1 attempted suicide, 1 stabbing, broken up a number of fights. But at the same time I wonder what is going wrong with the world where it chooses not to intervene.

A friend of ours Joy had her store robbed in the town and was lucky to make it to the Police station alive as all the tricycle and peddle cab drivers intervened and beat the guy severely. It was upon confessing that he had committed the theft and said he had come from a mountain location (which is my wife’s relatives area) at which point someone mentioned an aunt and uncle of my wife and he told the mob that he knew them. Although he didn’t what did unfold for him unluckily was at the police station 2 of the Police officers are my wife’s cousins and another Aprils uncle. Which then confirmed that his story was made up. Although the did take pity on him saying that he was lucky he made it to the Police station because if they knew he wasn’t from the area its unlikely the people that stopped him escaping would have let him off so lightly.

I do find though people get a rough deal here online when it comes to community spirit because it still exists here. I often say remove money from any discussion and you have friends and that’s pretty much how I see many people in the Philippines as most disputes between families, friends, neighbours etc. are all about financial ego’s and nothing else, does make you wonder how the Philippines would be if it wasn’t in fluxed with so much consumerism mentality both at home and from abroad.