Rough Justice

We had popped into Gaisano on route home for a quick bite to save cooking after we had finished up with our pizza at Pizza Hut we headed back to the car to find that a small crowd and gathered nearby and that a teenager had been apprehended by security guards. The next thing that transpired was that the kid had been stealing wing mirrors from cars on the car  park. While hand cuffed and heading for a wait for the Police two of the people that had either had things stolen or had caught him in the act were given a free punch at the thief. Its difficult to say how I feel about this happening as I myself have suffered with a lot of car vandalism in the UK and the theft of my Volvos wing mirrors at £160.00 a time difference is the Police in the UK lack any interest in such a crime but its the same reason many criminals move onto more serious criminal actions. Not sure of this lad having a beating would change his character but with the crying coming from him it wasn’t a day he would easily forget. As we headed off we noticed the guards had moved him into a small waiting area while the Police arrived. We headed back off to meet up with friends on route. But it puzzled me why someone would be stealing there anyway as the guards are armed and could have easily been a different ending.