Robinhood tax on the UK banking system to raise billions of pounds.

I was sent this via a friend of mine Allan on Facebook as regards the implimentation of a small tax on the banking sector. I am one who has little sympathy for banking and think we let them off easily with the bailout deals instead of keeping their valuable portfolios that would recover given time. Who says the UK had to be fair its banking! Charging as much as possible for sending you letters and penalty fees when your struggling. Getting caught in the poverty trap where your pay is stretched so that the £30 your over at the end of the month to buy essentials gets swallowed up by going overdrawn as you had bank charges the month before. A constant loop of debt that banks love to keep people in. No financial sector wants people safe and secure they need you in debt and it keeps you in line with the UK government along the way as you need to work to pay the credit cards, mortgage, bills, bank charges. Why else would they increase lending when they should have been decreasing it just before the collapse?

The video covers giving the new revenue to Climate change, the poor and public services. Which I will cover below :-

Climate change – Once they come up with a workable model and can prove it works its worth investing in. At the same time it has to be financially viable throwing billions of pounds into a project just on the off chance is like throwing mud in the hope some stick. Its a waste of money and resources.

Helping the poor – The UK already gives too much in overseas aid it wants to give more? Personally I think we should stop giving any money as the whole Aid and Charity sectors are riddled with corruption at all levels and it sickens me these people hide behind the poor and needy. Locally in the UK I don’t think you can say poor anymore as the standards of living have raised so much its on par and often better than if you worked!

Public Services in the UK – They don’t need more money they need restructuring and the removal of excess health and safety as well as a lot of the political correctness nonsense removed. Do that and get rid of most of the middle and senior management in those sectors I would be surprised if it didn’t suddenly become viable.

There is a funding culture in the UK for Government and Charities which involves overspending every year in the hope you get a bigger budget and people wonder why things are always short of money.. They are supposed to be!! the system is wrong.