Road trip to Negros Oriental from Minglanilla, Cebu

It has been on my mind for sometime to get around the Philippines more as we had become stuck in a bit of a rut being busy with things at home that often made travelling further afield difficult or impractical. Recent events though have started to see things moving in a positive way and the fact Jovie was working in Negros gave an ideal opportunity to go over and visit at the same time take in the sights of South Cebu and the South Eastern part of Negros Oriental. There are several key reasons I want to start travelling more and a lot of it is tied to seeing the different way people live and the differences in government development. I find things like the SRP in Cebu that has dragged on for decades a bit alarming and hoping other places are a bit quicker off the ball or at least more practical with the things they have,need and use. Also I am interested in what constitutes poverty in regions as I find in Cebu city its main cause is over population, low sanitation and a lack of jobs. But getting out of the cities you find people are said to be poorer in provinces which financially they are but often they live off the land own their own homes and generally have a sustainable existence unlike the main cities which are seeing mass migration problems that aren’t being dealt with practically. There was a lot to take in so this is part one of many! I was going to build the map up below but it keeps throwing up errors and isn’t as important as the articles I am about to add so just look for the “next button” for the articles as we start the road trip.

negros map route