Richer or poorer in the Philippines than last year?

A recent report showed the Philippines inflation running at nearly 5% last month for the same time last year but am I richer or poorer than last year?

Odd thing for me is that before I was bringing money into the country and watched from 2007 to 2011 the exchange rate drop from 98 to 68 – 70 a heavy hit of nearly 30% on money which doesn’t seem a lot except if I said it was over £30,000 at the same time most of it came in between 2007 and 2009 before things really went down the toilet in the West I will be honest though I do feel a bit poorer but more down to things ending up longer term investments than I had hoped. Doesn’t mean its dead money its just slow money. At the same time monthly expense wise we are hitting around P30,000 a month for the 7 of us here which others will say that its a bit tight on the pocket but that doesn’t include the money I am spending on business monthly at the same time rolling funds.

What has hit me though is the time frames as I find I work 7 days a week at least 12 hours a day in some capacity. Like now even though I enjoy writing on my blog its also counted as work as simply its became part of things I “have to do” where originally it was because I just wanted to do it. Why do I have to do it? because a lot of people are starting to advise others to read the blog on top of themselves reading it which makes me feel obliged to help as much as I can as these people have literally given their word on the value of what I write.

Now the odd thing is people often ask me why am I here when most other people are retired which also makes me poorer than I would be in the UK because I am one of those “private sector” contractors that could be robbing the state blind right now (or should I say us tax payers?) in sorting out the mess that has accumulated over decades of being PC and neglect (Politically correct). What do I mean? well government departments are well known for being bloated and there was a conversation I had with a friend from Zimbabwe before about his work in London. The first day he started they told him “we employed you because you are black”. Which if you know the person (Trying not to say his name here!) he’s a nice enough guy and took it on the chin but wondered what they were talking about.. their reasoning was down to the fact they had been sued several times by black minorities in the area who knew their rights more than lawyers who looked to exploit the situation. So in steps the token black man (not being racist here they were) to throw the chance of being sued out the window.

Now what does that have to do with me? because i am frank.. not by name but I deal with people in a very frank and blunt manner that they understand. Its fair its cutthroat and it forces things to change for the good regardless of who is at fault. I am there to fix whatever is the problem  if its the tenants, surveyors, social workers etc. generally its because everyone is in house that little ever gets done and things go round in circles but as soon as this happens I start removing people from the process and they can then start to feel their jobs slipping away because they aren’t doing them. Within a month or two efficiency leaps and so does everyone’s general well being as things get done. An example of this was the last contract I was on that on average received up to 60 complaints a week. Within a month I had that down to zero due to tackling all the root problems that escalated. OK closing the work section down just realized I have written nearly an entire page on it..

Point being trouble shooting pays well because it plugs the holes, moves the cogs and wheels and gets everything moving. I am a consultant that is worth their money ( I would say that) but every client I have worked for will tell you the same. One of the main reasons being is I won’t leave until its working properly.

Now getting back on track I could be a lot richer by staying in the UK living in B+Bs but what sort of life is it? I am not into consumerism in the same way others are. I do like having a nice car, expensive watch etc. but at the same time happy to be sat here in just a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt because here in the Philippines it keeps my brain alive as everyday we are developing new things as well as having time based around the family..

Richer or poorer.. Family life even that sits heavy on the scales as my daughter Nicole resides in the UK one of those situations where it doesn’t matter if here or there someone is doing without. Cash wise I am out of pocket by simply being here I could be earning P12m a year in the UK instead of struggling to make P2m here in Cebu.