Rewiring the scooter and selling the jeepy

As I have mentioned already going to look to change to a motorbike with a bit of off road poke to it. But before I do this I am going to sort out all the other vehicles I have and start getting rid of some so I can start replacing them. First thing today was trying to get a new rim for the scooter you wouldn’t believe how much hassle it has been to get hold of a magnum wheel as everywhere I go everyone wants to convert it over to a wired wheel at the same time of not wanting it wired it also means changing the front wheel which I don’t want to do either. So new tyre on old rim today and just going to head over to Rusi to see if they can recommend where to get parts for this scooter. On top of that the electrical fault is still there but managed to locate it back to the indicator again it appears the kids have broken the switch playing on it as its a push flick switch which appears to have been a push ram switch until the high quality plastic brackets that hold it together snapped.

But the other thing I would like to say about this is all the electrics appear to be inline. If you remove the fuel tank sender unit all the electrics die as well as anything else. This basically means if you get an electrical short like I have in the indicator none of the electrics work as it kills everything including the electric starter. Not a great idea as it makes it difficult to fault find as literally anything could be grounded or a loose connection. Just hit it lucky when a piece of plastic fell out the switch.

Getting onto the Jeepy its had the work done previously such as the overhauled and replacement bushes in the starter, new solenoid, new contacts, new ignition switch but the only thing it does need now is a battery and registration. Which is why I am letting it go for P35,000 which is P20,000 less than the original selling price just to get rid of it. Nope no more haggling P35,000 is the final price. I will get a new battery to show it running though and if you want to buy that battery for the same price I buy it for your welcome to (why am i buying a battery? because I am also going to repair the multicab electrics and get that back to road worthy).