Retirement in the Philippines

There is an increasing number of people looking to or are already retired in the Philippines. Literally thousands of people. Why are they coming here? A lot of it has to do with the status of people as they get older in the West. They become very isolated the kids have all grown up and now have theyre own families, less friends around each year and the fact people even feel old. The Philippines offers a new lease of life. Age is respected and you will find most people are keen to know you, where your from, what you did/do and want to be your friend. On top of that within a relationship age isnt really an issue with most women allowing an elderly man to have a beautiful wife half his age. In western society its seen as wrong but here its a daily occurance. If everyone is happy why not..

If you need assistance finding friends,property or anything else that could make your transition to the Philippines easier please feel free to message me or use our forums HERE