Retirees V Expats – Living like a King in the Philippines

There are two types of groups in the Philippines the retiree and the expats the difference between the two are generally at complete opposites of the spectrum in nature. The odd thing is when a “then and us” develops which isn’t my point in any of my blog posts. The reason behind chipping away at things is down to “myths” of Living like a King in the Philippines as its a portrayal of women at every corner looking at you as some stunningly attractive man and a wedge full of cash on your $1000 a month pension.

Reality you can sit here and many do living in a house who become keyboard kings and many don’t even live here more than a month or two a year giving advice to new expats yet they have no knowledge of anything outside of their window when it comes to the Philippines. Which is why they get on the defensive. Most people I meet personally are doing business they aren’t retired and although I know a few retired people I don’t get into discussions on business with them as they will know little to nothing about it as they aren’t here for that and generally if they have started a business they left it to their own devices and its failed. Not all retirees mind but he majority and the ones that feed information into the internet.

Examples of that are people who tell you that you can’t make money on taxis or jeepney’s yet I know several people that are making good regular incomes on both businesses. Restaurants where I know of at least 10 Expat owners doing well and the list goes on. The problem is the negativity on doing business or life in the Philippines if not retired out ways everything else which is why most post email me in private. At the same time the “Retirees” that control the forums in most cases which is why the information becomes limited notice any success stories?

The thing is younger generations as well as business people are not on the internet in the same way which is another reason I spend so much time pushing this blog forward trying to jump over a decade of retirees out of date information as a lot of it was written years ago but the stuff today just seems to be general patter that isn’t leading anywhere. I know not everything on the blog is to everyone’s taste but is it supposed to be? If we all went for average what would be create and how would things develop?

Living like a king in the Philippines is a matter of perspective yet many people will say they are living that way purely because they don’t want to admit failure at the same time encourages others to come and do the same. There are no get rich quick schemes in the Philippines I am aware of outside of drug trafficking and arms dealing. You have a large population looking for the next big thing and not finding it so how could you? Simple because you built from the foundations upwards, in most cases a single business isn’t enough for Filipinos never mind foreigners so getting up that ladder will likely be a bigger struggle than you face in the West difference is you do have the weather on your side and beaches to relax on to think about your next move, and hopefully you will meet more people like “us” the minority who are here to build a life not just sit on a pension with little else going on advising others about things we aren’t doing and instead discuss things we can do and are. Its already happening and has been for some time but most of these people you can talk directly to but not interested in posting on a blog or forum they have already been through advising people who do the complete opposite as well as the internet troll attitudes of others.

If someone is doing a business here that is successful though I would say listen closely as they have already worked out the inner workings of the systems and how to get from A – B and what is going to cause you problems. They are happy to share because they don’t want you having the same problems they had and I am lucky enough to have met people who are willing to share information in helping others develop business here in the Philippines. May not be living like a king in the Philippines though but more of a free person and having spare time to do what you want as well as retire while most other people in the West are worrying about jobs and house repossessions.