Retire or living in the Philippines needs a clear idea

Its very common here in the Philippines for people who have retired or moved here to suddenly realise they don’t like it. Infact there is a community on Samar that advertise themselves as not wanting “Filipino’s” as part of their development. But in reality who is right and wrong?

For a start expectations are very high for people not from here you see that gleaming ocean with the sun twinkling on soft waves as they hit that beautiful white sands. You lay there on a hammock being brought a drink by a beautiful local woman with a smile that shows she is content with serving your needs and brings your cocktail in a coconut shell. You close your eyes to the sun and here those soft soothing waves drifting you off to sleep…

But in reality towns were built with poor sanitation bringing everything from human waste to plastic bags to those beautiful beaches that are now heavily polluted. The Silence of nothing but waves is replaced with the “hey Joe give me money!” and the cocktail in a coconut is replaced with a bottle of Tanduay to help you sleep due to the noise of loud stereos and cockerels crowing at all hours.

Odd thing is the number of people I know who moved here thought its like the first version which can be true in a holiday brochure and plenty of cash in a resort to keep those pesky locals away. But in reality your more likely to be part of the second version even if you live remotely purely down to things like sanitation and gambling habits of neighbours. I have learned to live with most things but still find the dogs barking annoying as its inconsistent with everything else that is going on.

The clear idea though is to understand that if you visit as a tourist for a couple of weeks spending like no tomorrow it doesn’t mean your going to enjoy living here, probably goes the same for most people that work at Disney it won’t be the place you catch them on their day off. So if you are coming on holiday and thinking at the same time of doing something permanent here maybe try living local to something that is going to match your regular lifestyle and income to see if you would prefer to stay back in your home country or not because its going to be the big decider after a few days eaten with ants, mosquitos and having to put up with loud music as well as many other irritants that most local people don’t even notice.

For me I prefer the rainy season as I enjoy thunder and lightening sitting on a balcony watching things out at sea with the lightening bolts flaring up the sky before hitting the waters. It also means the loud stereos normally are quiet and most things are shunning the storms which gives me the perfect time to just sit and watch the world without disturbance. Don’t get me wrong family life and everything else is great its just sometimes you just like total silence even if it is the rumbling of thunder and the thrashing of rain hitting metal roofs yet its all you can hear. No distractions, no irritancies just a pure settling noise.