Retire like a king in the Philippines the real story–Kevin from Hull UK

I came across Matt’s site in 2008 and have watched things develop with him and his family and to be honest you won’t find me elsewhere on the internet as I am one of those who dropped off completely. Not because of Matt’s site but the ones Matt refers to as selling this bull retire and live like a king in the Philippines and I will tell you the reason why.

I came to the Philippines a lot earlier than Matt did and to be honest if I had come across Matt’s site before I am sure knowing him and there would have been a higher chance of happiness here. Not that he has some miracle pill but at least he tells the bloody truth. Back even before I arrived I started contacting people online about advice for the Philippines and I was dating a girl online who I was coming to meet. Everything seemed to be completely negative with many people but I also quickly realised many had been here and left but nobody seemed to give any reasons why. I got lost in the how to court a Filipina bull and spent most of my time trying to treat my woman with respect when I arrived and didn’t take any notice of things going on around me. Within a few weeks the wedding process was in play and we bought a house together in a quiet sub-division.

All seemed great at the time until the wedding stopped rather suddenly and a confession arrived from what was my fiancee on how she was already married and had several children but didn’t love her husband anymore. I had signed over P3m on our house and the chances of recovery were slim. I was now retired and ploughed my last bit of cash into my last bit of happiness to find I was a complete idiot. It quickly come apparent how bad things were when I said it was all over and also that the house needs to be sold and that I couldn’t believe she had done this. A confession soon after was the icing on the cake to find out she had a boyfriend who had talked her into getting a boyfriend on the internet for money and it had gotten out of control because she fell in love with me.

To cut a long story short I was now out of home, out of pocket and out of my retirement living like a king in the Philippines because my savings were wiped out on some cheap manipulating scrubber. But beyond the money it had ripped my heart out thinking of the people back home waving me off to a happier life to see me made the biggest fool they will ever see. The Philippines isn’t a paradise for the nieve or the stupid. As the years have gone on (Yes I am still here!) I rebuilt my life as I did have a small pension and currently have a small resort, family and even a dog. At the same time I was burned heavily within months yet I have heard of people having it done a lot worse as they let things build up for even years before having the rug pulled out from under them. Behind the fake smiles there is a cash register working looking at the big white ATM stood in front of them. Before Matt corrects me though I will say not all as the wife I have now I have already been married to many years and a few things come up along our way that could have seen us destitute and broke but she stuck with me.

But for those guys out there who think they can make it here because they can’t make it in their own country save yourself a ticket don’t come and its not because of you but the sickness some people have in seeing your trust and being nice as a weakness just waiting to devour you and rip your soul straight from your heart and body leaving you hating everything that you loved when you came here. Come on a holiday, go diving, meet a few girls but your better off at home not here long term.

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  1. Anonymous
    April 8, 2011 at 1:27 am

    Hey bud that took some balls to admit to being duped in such a cold calculated way, and that is exactly what it was. I thing half of the time people are probably too embarrased to admit to being conned, but seriously sitting in a house or pub in Hull discussing plans with friends who would imagine that stuff like this goes on, my advise, come for a holiday or between jobs for a while. Actually get to know people, and do not depend on the internet to plan the rest of your life around, take it steady Eddie is the way, not activelly go SHOPPING for a life partner, because there are plenty selling! A Danish friend of mine got taken for 7.5 million, car, motor the lot, he`s now very happily living in Cavite, Kevin you are a brave man to bare your soul to tell this oh so common tale, hats off to you mate.

    • Tropicalpenpals
      April 8, 2011 at 3:10 am

      Thanks for the letter Kevin by the way! and the other thing I wanted to add is it would be “good” for others if more people actually grew their hairy ones to tell their stories instead of going home tail between their legs saying how they just “didn’t like it” as although with some of the irritations there are that would be possible I would also say not for the number of people who told me that story! Truth is many people feel completely gutted, used and abused when they get robbed blind by a person they trust and love at the same time the more real stories here have more chance of making an impact to stop others falling into the same traps. Another thanks Kevin for adding your story..

  2. Andrew
    April 8, 2011 at 6:02 am

    Hi Kevin,

    Looks like you did get done good and proper, to be honest mate I would swop the amount you lost with the 10 mill I lost, big difference is was not my Mrs. that did it and it was not my only cash but it hurt as I has earned it all. The people that did it, one will be in jail pretty soon she got 20 years and the other is working abroad sending cash every month as she has been told pay or I will get her extradited and she can go to jail for 20 years too! But I tell you mate it is a sickness that has spread across this country, just rob the white guy and then when you get caught you say I did it for my family as if that makes it all ok!
    I am glad you managed to sort yourself out sir it takes time and effort and does help if you have a good women with you.
    Main message to people who come is, open your eyes expect everyone will try and get money out of you watch for it and then if you finally decide you found good one put things in place so you can t be scammed don’t buy land as it will never be yours buy a condo so you can own it! But always be on the look out it is painful to have to do it at first but in the end it becomes second nature for those of us who have been here a while its not an effort anymore, you just always look for the black cloud not the silver lining !
    Take care Kevin takes guts to say he was had I know I was too, needs more people to say it and let the rest know what goes on here!

  3. Carl Taylor
    April 8, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    Great, Great, Great! What can I say? Not that I take any satisfaction from your misfortunes here in the Philippines. It is just great to hear someone be honest, and has a similar story to tell. But most of all…., because you are still here!!! Good luck to you and yours.
    I am considering taking a job in Cebu, and if I do I will definitely make contact. Currently I am living in Pasig, with my wife Ellie (born here), and my 5 month old daughter. I have worked for the past two years in Ortigas as an Operations Manager in the Call Center industry, however am thinking about relocating to Cebu. As with your story, mine is similar as I also have a house in Negros Oriental, (that I have not seen for almost 3 years now)

    All the best