Retire in the Philippines

When was setup it was never about retirement which is why I often get into scrapes with retirees we are pulling in two different directions but the results the same its all about being able to get the life you want and for me it involves work and I can’t see me ever doing anything but work as generally I can’t sit still. At the same time because the directions are so different I setup which is geared in a different way to as the work side pretty much won’t exist and the topics are set towards information for those that want to retire in the Philippines.

Because to be honest there is no real conflict on who is who or doing what as simply there is no competition everyone’s trying to get the same goal which is sustainable living in the Philippines either via pension or via business. On top of this I am reshuffling all the sites round to clean them up and moving topics out to various other blogs to keep things on topic there will obviously be overlap with some of the stuff but I am trying to gear each site towards its particular group of people to help the sites grow and in turn the communities. The whole point of this site and the others is progression and information sharing although TP continues to grow its not in the direction I had initially hoped. At the same time I have removed Disqus commenting system as well as added comment luv which to most probably doesn’t mean a lot but basically if you register on TP it will then transmit your last posts on your blog giving you a higher chance of receiving traffic. Why am I doing all of this? Well looking round for more progression the sites will need more input from readers and to do that will involve more feedback as well as helping other relevant sites along the way. Nope a roofer in Texas this isn’t where you post your website link and say nice roof on a photo comment of a house. This is where for example I post post photos of the Basilica in Cebu and others can post photos of their favourite churches in the Philippines with links going back to their sites but your comment must be about why its your favourite church in the Philippines and if that works I will add more posts in a similar way to build up the community and your also free to submit articles as I am based in Cebu and with over 7,000 islands I am a small speck on the map compared to where everyone else is which is another reason the community building is important.