Respecting other people’s blogs will help get you sitelinks back to your site.

I have recently been getting a lot of what I can only call “junk messages”. But not in my mail box its people directly posting on TropicalPenpals in areas that are specific to a topic and for Questions and Answers. There is a Classifieds section you CAN advertise services in as that is what the idea of the classifieds area is for. What I won’t allow or accept on the site is people just cutting and pasting their company information especially in the wrong locations this will result in an email blocking and a ban of your account. So don’t waste your time spamming!!

So what if you do want to advertise on TropicalPenpals without problems?

  • Write an informative article that people will find useful and you can add your company within it.
  • Advertise ONLY in the classifieds section of TropicalPenpals.
  • Buy an advertisement space on the side bar.

If its not any of the above and you still want to advertise somehow email me and we can discuss it.

Now as regards other sites if you want to do it in the comment section it helps not to post everything about your business but generally a website link in your name is accepted. The importance though is writing a response that is relevant to the post and that is useful. Blogs need contributors not only in article writing but in responses to questions/answers be part of that and its likely not only will you get the sitelinks linking back to your blog/site but also readers of both blogs will cross read between you as you will often find the writer of the blog your on will visit yours and respond to questions/answers.

The internet is probably one of the least threatening environments on the planet so lets try not to spam it death as there is enough junk out there already.