Renting or leasing an apartment in the Philippines

The big picture at the moment is getting the next plot for developing into apartments for long-term lease/rentals. We are looking at rents of around P7,000 a month which includes the electric (without A/C but 2 fans), drinking water, washing water and internet. But also looking to bolt on weekly room cleaning services and laundry as extras as we already have people that can do it. But I am just looking at how much demand there would be for these type of units. The leasing option is something I have come up with for the “retiree” market as they could pay a fixed amount up front and stop there for the next 25 years with an option to extend. Slightly different setup as it won’t include the utilities as obviously a lot will change in 25 years it just allows people to pay a lump sum up front and can forget about paying any rent for the next couple of decades. I am staying away from selling them though at the moment as it creates a lot of complications in the legalities. But I would like to get peoples feedback on what they think on the ideas above. Also bearing in mind there won’t be a swimming pool but there is a good reason for that there are holiday resorts nearby what is the point of having a small pool which hardly gets used and needs constant maintenance when you can go to developed pool resorts for P100 a day?

high ceilings and sitting room Kitchen area