Renting in Cebu and where to live

A lot of people come to me asking how much is it to rent an apartment/house?

Truth is there are a lot of variables like anywhere else in the world. Many people dont yet know the area or how things work in general. But basically there are some simply rules when looking for a property.
1. Internet prices are always more expensive than local rates.
2. Most properties arent upto or anywhere near western specifications. Most only have cold showers and often poor electrical installations.
3. The prices even locally can fluctuate if your a westerner and approach first hand, always better to get someone to pre-negotiate for you not making people aware that you are a foreigner.
4. The price is often negotiable and terms can also vary.
5. Booking a property on rental for 6 months + can work out a lot cheaper than a monthly or daily rent.

Then there is the areas which cause price differences :-
1. City living can be expensive or cheap depending on the quality and location of the building. A good quality condo can be as expensive as a house in another location but obviously the condo is smaller but does have some exclusive benefits that wouldnt come from having a house.
2. Province living is cheaper and can often be a more relaxing and “getting back to basics” way of life. Personally i prefer provinces but some of them are well located to give you a stones throw distance of cities and the extra facilities of hospitals,restaurants etc, but at a close enough distance to keep you from the smog and dense population.
3. Beach living.. Living near the beach can be expensive depending on location the better the location the chance the price will get higher as many of the locations with quality beaches are owned and controlled by resorts.
So where would i live? Would always choose a location more central that can offer access to the surrounding areas. E.g beaches to the north and south, Rural provinces within seeings distance from the garden and between the cities. Everything accessible within 30 mins to an hour.

As im getting asked more and more im going to be looking to develop a rental site on my next trip so if anyone is interested in renting please get in touch. Aswell if you have property you would like to rent out.

I can be emailed at :-

2 comments for “Renting in Cebu and where to live

  1. troy
    October 9, 2011 at 1:03 am

    hi im troy, im from australia, i will be coming to cebu within the next 3 months to marry and live with gf, i plan on staying for 3 months, but my gf will stay on in the house until i can come back agian or make an income there, my gf makes a small wage but most goes on help her lovely family which ive only had the chance of meeting 1 time, we cud live there, but 1 want to bring my much loved dog,he will stay there wen i return to australia, my monthly income will 60 000, my gf wants to live simple, which i dont mind a long as i feel safe and my dog was very secure, any info on rents, work,and advice wud be great.

    yours sincerly troy

    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      October 10, 2011 at 12:36 pm

      Hi Troy,
      If its just the two of you and your dog would look for a 1 – 2 bedroom places. A lot of the rentals are “no pets” so would recommend finding a house with a compound over an apartment but also worth looking into any extra shots your dog will need here for things like Rabies. There are a couple of houses for rent near me one is P10,000 furnished (simply furnished) other is empty P8,000 but I also know of another house just off a main road which is P8,000 for a 3 bedroom with a small garden to the front (parking but to be honest unless you need a car would just use public transport or get a motorbike).