Removing dependency on oil by sustainable living

Everything revolves round the oil industry in some form and it does make me wonder what happened between the 40s and now that has not only created a dependency but an addiction to oil in everything we own. I know people will say look back at then and how little people had but I would also say look around you and see how much stuff you don’t need or use.

Does it make sense? I don’t think most people have a choice these days due to the way everyone excessively spends. I often joke about the time I was in Florida with Kento as he’s Japanese American because I wanted milk for coffee in the morning I could only buy gallon or half gallon when I just wanted a small carton wandering around Wal-Mart it was very obvious people were excessively living a lot more than in the UK but also way over anything I could even justify someone needing. I believe it was Rommel (German general) that mentioned when a shot down plane was discovered to had chocolates on it as cargo that the war was pretty much over when your enemy could afford to waste resources on such luxuries. Which does tell me pretty much the majority of people in the West can cutback and often not even notice it.

See the thing is I look at my laptop for example and I had 3 Toshiba laptops the best one of the 3? the oldest one cost a lot more because when it was new you couldn’t get a laptop for under £1000 and its robust and reliable. My new one has just started playing up this week with the battery now gone faulty after being less than 2 years old where the old laptop I sold and was working fine even though it was already 8 years old, quality is dropping drastically on most things as companies head East which does make me ponder on how viable some businesses could be if they didn’t follow the trend and simply stuck to quality over quantity. There is the other side of it being that buying something right first time it will last a lot longer for example good paint brushes may be a pain to clean at the same time they give a better finish and don’t drop bristles all over the place (cheapest example I can think of).

How would this make a difference to you? Would say take a look at what you have already and what your looking to buy. E.g. next generation iPhone is it that different and better than the one you have? isn’t it better to not spend and actually payoff the credit card with the amount your about to use? breaking the debt cycle is also part of breaking the cycle of consumerism that feeds imports that we simply don’t need. It also means that instead of looking at debt in everything you can start moving towards paying off and then savings making yourself sustainable on your income as well as reducing unneeded clutter from your life. Odd thing is once you start removing it you start to realize you never needed it, your friends may wonder around with new clothes looking all great but they never mention they are riddled with debt and put a brave face on it the whole West is built on this madness. Odd thing is break it pay it all off and sit there watching everyone else you suddenly realize you can buy whatever you want once ahead and often to a much higher quality and standard because your buying it for good not for the holiday next week throwing it away shortly after.