Remittance Companies, Sending money from the UK to the Philippines

I need to get regular money to the Philippines for various things going on and with the Fees with Western Union getting out of control :-

1. Poor exchange rate.
2. Collection Fee.
3. Higher rate for online sending.
4. Having to phone WU in Ireland to confirm transactions.

I started looking round for cheaper and easier ways to send money.. I came across SureMoney Remittance in London which I sent £700 exchange rate as of Friday it transfered to over P55,000 (Roughly P79 to the £1) It will be in my BDO account by tomorrow (due to the weekend with no banking).

1. Got a fair exchange rate.
2. Online chat via Yahoo available to check all processing (they do it while you wait).
3. They msg me to tell me it had been processed (as there was a 3 day wait from my bank).
4. Cost was cheap less than £6.00

So all in all a fast service.. Now before I advise others to use the same service be aware some of these remittance companies have disappeared due to the current recession in the UK (not sure why as its easy money if your setup). If anyone has information on the legal side to recover missing transactions etc. I believe it would be valuable to members. But judging from responses I have seen regarding another company if it goes missing it doesnt look good on getting your money back.
I will be using this company monthly as it does its job well.. But like i said above you really need to make your own mind up if your happy to take the risk.
There is several ways of sending and receiving the funds so would look at the site and make your own mind up..