Release The Kraken – Adonis Dumpit had his bail paid by Tommy Osmena

Who is Adonis Dumpit you may be wondering, in the phrases I have heard the words Kraken, hitman and sharpshooter have all been used. But it seems that as an ex-policeman (I assume ex but not 100% as some things are a little strange in the Philippines sometimes) he is well known for stamping out bad criminals in the Cebu area. Tommy Osmena has retaken his seat as mayor of Cebu city and will begin to push hard on drugs. It is well known that drug use has been on the increase in recent years. But with people like Adonis Dumpit at his side its very likely there will be some major consequences for those plying the trade.
Tommy Osmena has paid the bail of P250,000 to have Adonis Dumpit released from his current sentence for homicide. More information can be found in the link below relating to the incident that had Adonis Dumpit jailed.