Relaxing In The Philippines

Relaxing is something we generally don’t get a lot of time to do in the Philippines. Some of its work related others family, either way always something going on to keep you occupied. This week we started the new cell phone load business which has had a couple of minor glitches but nothing drastic.

On top of that Ewe’s birthday party is tomorrow and Aprils still busy in the kitchen at 1am here. A child’s first birthday is a major event in the Philippines not sure of the significance over other years but if your going to have a celebration has to be the first birthday. We also managed to hire a tent from the town hall which is great for keeping the food out of harms way if we get some heavy rainfall.

Kids are also keeping us busy as they are constantly up to something needing eyes in the back of your head to keep an eye on them. Tonight Zoei managed to get the Sucocream which resulted in her arms being covered in the cream something we didn’t need with a lot going on.

We also had one of our tenants arrive back and having to put an internet connection from my Smart Bro across the compounds (Around 100m of cable). Going to look to add my spare router at the other end so they can have Wi-Fi internet. They aren’t here all year round which is the problem of getting a contract for them as they would have all the penalty fees every year when they cancelled or ended up keeping the internet running when they are back in France.

Anyway though apologies for the blog being a bit quiet we have just been flat out busy with things but after the party tomorrow we can start concentrating on the day to day stuff and back into a routine. Got a few new articles I need to write about things but simply just haven’t had the time or when I get the time having some badly needed sleep.