Rehydrating Basil herb – Easy way to start a herb garden


Rehydrating plants from the supermarket is an easy way to not only start a herb garden but for many other types of plants as well. The rehydrating gives the plant a jump start before you replant it but also being able to separate the plants easily (as they are normally in clumps) means you can quickly establish multiple stock of plants from the same purchase allowing within a month or so the ability to sell on the new plants and still have some left over if you choose to. Or simply keep it all if your working your way through it rapidly, partly what I like about gardening is the ability to maintain your stocks at a level that suits you and if it gets too big can simply get rid of excess. Rehydrating Basil

As you can see in the photo this is Aprils Basil being rehydrated before being planted in pots shown below :-



Basil growing on window cill