Reflection on our marriage

Flying over Hong Kong - Photo by and copyright of Matt Wilkie (4) As I flew into Hong Kong today ready for a long run of work it gave me time to reflect on the marriage me and my wife have. When I see people I know in the UK struggling to make ends meet and the same in the Philippines you just feel lucky and privileged to have made a change that many others I hear say “I wish I had done it 20 years ago”. I think our marriage has a strong balance between our characters. My wife April is more calm and organised but doesn’t like pressure where I am a jump out of the plane then look for the parachute sort of person. As well as very head strong but its also knowing that my wife has some weaknesses that I am a lot more stronger in that also makes me put me in balance wanting my wife to be part of things.

It quite literally keeps us in balance and honestly we are happy 99% of the time and even the 1% is resolved within minutes as communication is key to our marriage. I think a lot of guys could easily have the sameMatt Wilkie at Cebu Airport before heading off to the UK for work (7) in life and marriage with a good partner but I think as time goes on people forget to appreciate each other which is something I try hard Matt Wilkie at Cebu Airport before heading off to the UK for work (2)not to do as simply I wouldn’t know what to do without my April she simply completes me. In the time we have been married we have also accomplished so much because we have direction in our life.. skipping all the Prada,nice cars etc. in exchange for stability, love, happiness, business and a home. In reflection over the time we have known each other our lives have both improved greatly. Not always financial but also with happiness. There is nothing else I like to see in the morning or hear than my wife busy in the kitchen, happy and smiling.. Also letting me know we have another great day to spend together. I may be away for a few months right now but at least we are in constant contact and always looking forward to being back together.. Love and miss you always my love..