Reflection on Christmas 25.12.2009

No doubt most of you will be sitting enjoying your Christmas and spending time with your loved ones. But I find as I get older my concerns grow for the people around us more. Dont get me wrong being around my family is the best gift a Christmas can give but its things like arriving in the Philippines seeing the damage done by Mount Mayon

volcano1 volvano2

where many families will have lost everything they own yet in most cases had very little to start with. Spending Christmas in some make shift emergency centre. Im well aware the world isnt mine to fix and no doubt there is more to come as the chances of a full eruption grow. But its the Filipino spirit that keeps people smiling even in the worst of scenarios. Luzon has experienced Typhoons, flooding and now a volcano this year. Yet the real problems are still arriving with the risk of disease and infections.

What do I want you to do about it? simply its your own decision on what you do. But one thing I noticed over the years is that when im sat in traffic or things like my wages getting messed up in accounts it all becomes small issues like a speck of dust. As there are much bigger problems in the world yet you see no one yelling at the gods.. as the saying goes “shit happens” and thats pretty much it. When you feel your getting annoyed at something just way up is yelling really going to fix the problem and is the problem really that big?

The day before I left for the Philippines I crashed my brothers car so instantly out of pocket by £250.00 but the important thing is no one was hurt and that I was on my way home. There is always a positive in a negative and we should go through life with that thought. Complaining is easy finding the solutions is the hard part.

Merry Christmas to everyone and we wish you all the best for the future.